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March 15, 2019

Cars stuck in traffic
London Davis

The Most Common Types of Vehicle Insurance to Consider

Purchasing a car, whether brand new or used, also means that you need insurance for it. Like everywhere else in the U.S., Illinois vehicle insurance is required in Harvey, IL. But since there are many kinds of insurance, knowing which one to get can be confusing to most first-time car owners. To help you understand them

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woman reading a document
London Davis

Things to Think About Before Refinancing a Mortgage

Mortgage refinances have been in vogue in the Beehive State for a long time. Some homeowners are even deemed as serial refinancers in light of the frequency of their applications and approvals. If you are planning to refinance your mortgage in Utah, understand that it requires a lot of circumspection. This option is never for

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environmental design-inspired building
London Davis

The History of Environmental Design

The classic design of any building or property will always consider the environment. For example, beach houses will have a different foundation than a simple apartment complex, and these differences can often be as small as the materials used for the building, or as large as the actual design of the structure. But all of

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